Green, Emily

My name is Emily Green and this is my 9th year as an art teacher in North Hanover Township and my 2nd year at CB Lamb. I am married and have a 4 year old son named Hudson. I enjoy all types of art but focus my personal art on photography and painting, but enjoy most of all creating art with my son.



I can’t wait to see what young imaginations can create in the art room this year. It is such a blessing to see how creative & imaginative elementary school students are, and I am anxious to see & experience more creativity this year. I feel art is a critical component to the development of every child because it gives them the opportunity to explore different ways of learning, creating, creative problem solving, & being themselves. As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist once we grow up.”

I plan to not only help your child understand the basic principles & elements of art using a variety of mediums, but allow them to take each art lesson to the next level, showing their own imagination and technique to express themselves. This year we are going to focus on seeing the beauty in our art, even if we do not see it as being “perfect”. I want students to understand that as long as they do their best and follow the directions, whatever they do in art will be an absolute masterpiece. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about the art program at CB Lamb or with any concerns.