Electronic Devices/Cell Phones


Cell Phones, I-pods, Zunes, Electronic Games, etc. may not be used or visible during the course of the regular school day. Children may use or listen to electronic devices at the bus stop and on the school bus itself both on the way to and from school. Once a child has left the school bus to enter the school, all devices must be turned off and stored in the child’s locker until the end of the school day. The devices may not be taken out or turned on until the child has re-entered the bus for the trip home.

Any device, such as a cell phone, left on during the day or taken out of the locker will be confiscated and will not be returned to the child until a parent comes to school to claim the item. Electronic devices may not be used on the bus during field trips or other related school activities.

Please note that the school will incur no liability, financial or otherwise, should any electronic device be lost or damaged on the way to school, at school, on the way home from school or at any school-related function.